Our Story

Welcome to Blisume;

Established in 2013, we were Australia’s first company to launch natural fragrances in the home fragrance industry.

Our expertise with natural fragrances is second to none; providing customers with the most natural candle fragrances on the market.

Synthetic fragrances; in particular candle fragrance oils are manufactured using a complex mix of synthetic chemicals and powders.  These fragrance oils may contain harmful ingredients that can trigger and cause allergies, headaches and even adverse health effects with repeated exposure.

All of our products are manufactured with expertise, they are all-natural, biodegradeable and cruelty-free.

NO petrochemicals, NO phthalates, NO synthetic solvents, NO formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, NO parabens or synthetic ingredients.

Blisume products are 100% natural, giving you and your loved one’s peace of mind when using any of our products.

Reconnect with nature and experience the beauty and tranquillity of pure natural fragrances.